Great powder skiing in BC! We had an amazing visit to Silvertip Lodge last October. Heli-hiking allowed us to explore beautiful high mountain areas that are otherwise inaccessible. And the views from the helicopter! The lodge itself is very roomy and comfortable and appropriate for this upscale experience. The good food, especially fresh caught fish, and quality wine rounded out the experience. Stunning lake, remote setting, great fishing and wonderful staff – a perfect holiday.


Best Skiing Ever! Silvertip is an amazing lodge located on the shore of Quesnel Lake B.C. with access to some of the best Heli-skiing in Canada. We jumped at the opportunity to visit Silvertip in March 2016 as part of its reopening. The ski terrain was amazing. We had access to large, open alpine bowls and tree skiing that beats any ski location I have visited in Western Canada. The lodge is well appointed and comfortable – a true home away from home. The staff were very friendly and quickly got to know us on a first name basis. Our every need was catered to and the food was first class. The remote location of the lodge is a large part of its charm. What struck me most was the complete silence stirred occasionally by the sound of wildlife. There was nothing better than waking up in the morning after a fantastic night sleep and seeing a moose on the beach just outside the front door. I cannot wait for the opportunity to get back to Silvertip in the summer. The fishing is apparently world class and I am eager to hike the bowls we skied and see them in bloom with alpine flowers. Silvertip is definitely a real treat that I would highly recommend to the discriminating skier or nature lover.

M.H. – Calgary, Canada

As close to Heaven as BC gets! We were lucky enough to heli-hike out of Silvertip last September. What an experience, hiking locations that have probably never ever seen a human foot. Wildlife was in abundance at that time of the year. Great company, great food, great staff. Thanks Silvertip. We’ll be back.

S – Calgary, Canada

Simply Awesome! Silvertip Lodge possibly offers the most amazing skiing experience available anywhere. The accommodation is excellent. The service, food and staff are outstanding. The skiing on offer is amazing and absolutely remote with experienced guides to cater the experience to the level of expertise of the skier. After this, I fear all other skiing will be disappointing!

D.G – Brisbane, Australia

Heli Skiing Heaven. The staff was amazing, friendly, knowledgeable and so accommodating. The lodge is authentic, Canadian wilderness with breath taking views of the lake. Which is the deepest fjord fresh water lake in the world! It is incredible to have 500,000 acres of some of the world’s best heli skiing all to yourself, only a short jump up into the mountains right behind the lodge. The Cariboo Mountains are known for their Canadian Champagne powder and naturally spaced tree skiing. To quote one of the guides it’s the best of the best.

M.R – Calgary, Canada

Very Impressed. I was very impressed by how the guides managed the group when there was various abilities and managed to accommodate everyone.

E.J. – Sweden

Safety is of top concern. Here’s the thing – Silvertip is the perfect place for skiers, all levels and inclinations. My group charged! Safety is of top concern; on a run, Dale showed us how to dig a pit and test the snow quality. It might seem like too much time to take out of a heli day, but we learned more about the terrain and avalanche danger. He literally was showing us how top of a priority avy safety is by actively doing it.


Best of the best. We stay at some of the best hotels in the world, literally. Your staff matched and even exceeded the staff of the very best in terms of their enthusiasm, caring, and desire to please.

A.M. – United Kingdom

Well taken care of. We were all a top priority for each staff member. Remote location without access to the normal Hospitality provisions of the outside world. Pretty amazing, if you think about it.

E.C. – Italy

Well run and attractive. Your facilities are great when you consider how remote this place is. They are comfortable, attractive, well-maintained, and well run. It’s just a great place to hang and enjoy the evenings and some spa time.

K.H. – Ontario, Canada

World class. Overall, I’ve been on five heli trips and Silvertip is World class. I’ll be back!

S.L. – Germany

Great powder skiing in BC! Had a fantastic week at the Silvertip Lodge in March this year. The lodge is a true hidden gem located in the beautiful wilderness of BC. The staff were extremely friendly, the food healthy, tasty and well prepared. The staff lead by the lodge manager Adrian took very well care of me. Going all the way from Norway to BC is all about the skiing. I was overwhelmed by the enormous acreage we had to our disposal, from high alpine skiing to tree skiing. To sum it up, the skiing was awesome. We had good weather a couple of days where we went high up in the alpine for skiing and the other days we went looking for shoots in the trees. We had a fantastic guide (Willy) with long experience from the area which was very helpful. Highly recommended.

H – Oslo, Norway