Heli-Skiing FAQ

Where is Silvertip Lodge located?
Silvertip Lodge is located at the far east end of Quesnel Lake in the British Columbian Cariboo Mountains surrounded by remote Canadian wilderness. The 14-acre property spans 800 ft of pristine lakefront while being nestled within undisturbed Crown Land. The Silvertip 1440 sq. Km ski tenure is right outside the lodge front door, offering amazing heli-skiing within seconds of your morning departure.

How do I get to Silvertip?
Guests fly from the Air Elite Terminal Building, next to the South Terminal in Vancouver (YVR), to Williams Lake Airport (YWL) in the morning of their departure date.  From Williams Lake Airport, a helicopter transports clients for a 45-minute flight to Silvertip Lodge.  The Silvertip staff will be waiting for your arrival in Williams Lake to handle any final details of your trip, ensuring that you start your holiday as soon as you arrive at the lodge!  From Vancouver International Airport (YVR) the estimated total travel time is approximately 2.5 hours to Silvertip Lodge.

What’s included in the Silvertip package?
While staying at Silvertip Lodge, meals, beverages, and accommodation are included.   Please note that extra charges apply to massages, alcohol and gift shop purchases.

Can guests be reached while at Silvertip Lodge?
Although the lodge is completely self-contained and off-grid, there is a sophisticated satellite system in place. Wi-Fi is available throughout the lodge. The Silvertip Wi-Fi works for email and keeping in touch with family or work while at the lodge.

What equipment does Silvertip supply?
Silvertip Lodge supplies skiers with skis, poles, a transceiver, shovel and probe in a small backpack.   Avalanche airbags are also offered.  If guests plan to bring their own equipment, please let the Silvertip staff know ahead of time.

When is the best time of the year to ski Silvertip?
The days in January and early February are shorter, and the snow is often plentiful and deep.  However, toward the end of February, and into March, the weather tends to be a mix of sun and snow. There is usually consistent snow during this time, with ample sunshine to make the skiing extremely good.  By the end of March and into April, the days are longer, the weather is clearer and the chances of skiing the higher alpine areas are greater.  Snow conditions can also be excellent at this late in the season.

How strong of a skier do I need to be at Silvertip?
No matter your ski level there is plenty of terrain at Silvertip that will suit the needs of each member of your group.  Beginner to expert skiers are all welcome.

If you join Silvertip as an individual skier, it’s suggested that you’re a strong intermediate skier in order to fully enjoy your heli-skiing adventure.  If you have skied regularly over the past few seasons, and are comfortable in all types of terrain (bumps, treed runs, traverse slopes, etc), heli-skiing should be the next best thing for you.  We suggest that you prepare for your heli-skiing trip by doing extra fitness conditioning and skiing in order that you get the most of the experience.

Do I have to ski at Silvertip all day?
If you feel tired and not sure of skiing all day, please discuss options with your guide first thing in the morning. There is ample opportunity to sit out a run and take a ride or two in the helicopter if your legs need a break. Your guides and pilot are able to plan the day to ensure an opportunity arises with a fuel run in order to bring you back to the lodge.  It’s important to communicate with your guide.

What do I need to pack for Silvertip?
The weather in the mountains can change very quickly. Plan to pack layers so that you can adjust throughout the day. The provided Silvertip backpack has room in the event you need to shed an extra layer of clothing.  It’s advisable to watch the weather for a week before you arrive to give you an idea of the appropriate clothing that you’ll need.

Will I be required to sign a waiver? 
Yes all guests are required to sign a waiver. You will be required to review the waiver and acknowledge this requirement prior to booking your trip with us.

I can’t wait to come! How do I book a trip to Silvertip?
It’s easy! Give us a call or email us! We’re here to help you create your memorable trip to Silvertip Lodge Heli-skiing.