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If a skier, we need some information in order to set the DIN on your ski bindings. DIN, is the industry-adopted scale of release force settings for ski bindings. The DIN setting will be set by a shop technician, based on your weight, height, boot sole length, and ability level, when your bindings are mounted on your skis.

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(❓ View this diagram. The length of the sole is found on the outside of the ski boot. The boot sole length is measured in millimeters and must ultimately fit into the ski binding)

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Type 1: Cautious skier who skis on smooth slopes of gentle to moderate pitchType 2: Recreational skier who will ski most runs but not so aggressivelyType 3: Fast and aggressive skier who skis on moderate to steep slopesType 3+: Very aggressive skier who will ski any slope

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