Have you had a chance to watch Sweet and Sour Movie yet?

If not, the film is available online HERE and it’s a great film!

A segment of the movie was filmed at Silvertip Lodge last February. Athletes Richard Permin and Victor de Le Rue spent two weeks with us, exploring the Cariboo Mountains and filming many of the beautiful powder shots shown in the film.

The Silvertip narrative starts at 19 min 20 sec. Most of the film is focused on “Alaska” but the tale is more about the journey of Richard and Victor getting to Alaska, which Silvertip Lodge was a big piece of, even if just lightly mentioned.

Congratulations to all on making this one-of-a-kind inspirational film.

“Sweet and Sour Movie looks into the lives of Richard Permin (skier) and Victor de Le Rue (snowboarder). Experience the joys, the fears, the challenges, and the thrills of shredding Alaska with two of the world’s very best. Experience the Sweet and the Sour. Beginning from two very different places, both athletes decide to join forces and travel deep into Alaska in search of shared challenges and rewards. Richard and Victor might have been going to Alaska in two totally different frames of mind, but both have their eyes on the same shared prize: deep Alaskan powder.


Here are a few photos by Grant Gunderson taken while filming at Silvertip Lodge.


Photo Credit: Mason Mashon

Excitement is building at Silvertip Lodge with the arrival of the recently released trailer for the new ski film,”ROGUE ELEMENTS” produced as a joined effort between Teton Gravity Research and REI.

Last January, Dash LongeNick McNuttTim Durtschi, some of the best skiers in the world, joined us on opening week and filmed a segment for Rogue Elements. We’re counting down the days until we can see the full version of the film!

Check out the trailer and read the full story Here

About Rogue Elements

“Since the dawn of time, everything that has lived and breathed on this planet has been subject to the whims of Mother Nature. The nature of an adventurer is inherently rogue; typically wild in character, subject to the fancy of their imagination. We are unequivocally drawn to nature’s rawest fury and deepest mysteries. These are the irreverent souls who pursue the edge.

In the winter of 2017, the magnitude of winter’s force was on full display. Telephone poll-snapping storms pounded the Wyoming landscape. Regions to the west, recently left arid and forgotten, were gifted with unprecedented accumulation. Blizzards in Europe buried towns in an instant before disappearing just as fast, leaving the lucky few who were there to wonder if it even happened. A Bolivian expedition found grace above 18,000 feet before the elements went rogue and the humans reluctantly heeded warnings from above.” Join the TGR team as they embark on an adventure filled with fury and glory, and witness the unimaginable.

Upcoming Rogue Elements Shows

See show dates and locations Here

A few photos from our Instagram feed: @silvertipheliskiing
Photo Credit: Mason Mashon