Silvertip Lodge 50th year anniversary

Posted on: Saturday, October 22nd, 2016

Established in 1967, the Silvertip Lodge was built to house in comfort avid fishermen and hunters after their daily excursions. Named after the Silvertip Bear (also referred to as the Grizzly bear), the wilderness lodge hosted guests looking for authentic remote experiences, which offered absolute privacy in its location.

Silvertip entrance 1967

Original owners on the old front deck of the lodge.


In the early years a fire in the area swept through the nearby forest, the damage can be seen in the background. The lodge is now surrounded in trees, mostly cedar, birch, and cottonwood.

Silvertip Fishing 1967 -2

The area has long been known for the excellent fishing opportunities. Incorporate your catch into your gourmet meals, or package it up to travel home with you.

Silvertip lodge 1967

Construction in progress – 1967.

It turns out the location is not just perfect for summer fishing and hunting. Sitting on the western side of the Cariboo Mountains, known for being the best of the best for champagne powder, it’s also a world-class location for backcountry skiing.¬†In 2002 Canadian Mountain Holidays purchased the lodge and extensively renovated to operate in the winter months, opening up for the first years of heli-skiing.

First years of heli-skiing at Silvertip Lodge.

Cariboo mountain champagne powder that has long been bringing skiers out to this region for their annual ski holiday.

The property was soon sold to a gentleman who kept the property as a personal lodge for 6 years and sold it again!

Under new ownership the Sivertip Lodge reopened in 2016. With the 50th anniversary of the lodge coming up this 2017 season, we are proud to incorporate the best of both worlds as a winter and summer world class retreat.

Two of the new group of owners today; Michael and Maria Binnion.

Enjoying the pristine Cariboo Experience!