Quesnel Lake To Hobson Lake

Posted on: Friday, September 15th, 2017

For avid back-country hikers who are looking for a higher level of adventure, the Silvertip Lodge provides the closest access point to the spectacular landscape of Wells Grey Provincial Park, located in British Columbia.  Few hikers have made the trek through this area, which remains largely untouched by human contact.  Welcome to the stunning Cariboo Mountains!

As a day trip from the Silvertip Lodge, the Summit Creek Trail that connects Quesnel Lake to Hobson Lake provides a fantastic hike for people with an adventurist spirit.

The trail to Summit Lake and Hobson Lake provides a wild and remote route that is full of history.

The first part of the trail is located just outside of Wells Gray Provincial Park and ends in the park located beside Hobson Lake.  Much of the Cariboo Mountains lie within Wells Gray Provincial Park which was created in 1939 and is currently the 4th largest park in British Columbia.

Many years ago a wagon road was built between Quesnel Lake, Summit Lake and Hobson Lake by Mr. Hobson.  This road eventually became overgrown and, as a result, rendered useless.

In 1930 and 1931 a new road was built to haul mining equipment and supplies for the Hobson Creek Placers and the Blue Ice Property. More information here available on Wikipedia.

The trailhead can be reached from the east end of Quesnel Lake, a few minutes from Silvertip Lodge.
The trail goes through a low pass with less than a 400 feet climb over a distance of 10 km.

The valley is typical west coast topography with cedar and hemlock forming the main tree varieties. This forest is part of the interior wet-belt of the Columbia Mountains and contains over 700 species of vascular plants, over 200 species of mushrooms, 56 species of mammals and 219 species of birds.

Indigenous plants including Devil’s Club, bracken and salmonberry have continually overrun the trail for many years with only a narrow footpath available if regular clearing didn’t occur.  Today, however, the trail is maintained and as a result, hikers have a beautiful and enjoyable route.