Heli-Skiing Experience Shared By Tom

Posted on: Tuesday, October 10th, 2017

Thank you to friend and guest, Tom Kent for sharing his experience heli-skiing at Silvertip Lodge last winter.

Here it is:

“Hard to get to ought to mean bigger reward. In the case of this lodge, that’s true. Frankly, if you can warm up for a couple of days at Revelstoke, then spend an afternoon driving to Williams Lake, the following morning you’ll be flying over to Quesnel Lake and landing at Shangri La by noonish!

Adrian and his hand-picked staff will greet you and you may be carving lines that afternoon. Since the lodge only holds 20, it’s likely your group has the whole lodge or it makes up a good chunk of the guests. This place is ideal for a group of old friends with a mixture of experts to relative newcomers. One can bring non-skiers as they can cross-country, snowshoe, walk or just have a spa day.

The lodge looks out over the lake with just one peak slightly visible as a clue that there might be mountains around.

The bird lifts off from the lakeshore and within minutes you are flying up a drainage which quickly reveals tree lines that offer awesome snow and vertical. Then you see the alpine with gentle sloping runs and steeps. The tenure map shows tons of territory, but you might just keep hammering that same drainage most of the week with non-stop fresh lines even if it doesn’t snow.

For those who get cozy when lunch at the lodge is over, stay put while the keeners go out to rip more vert!

The guiding is as it should be. They don’t say much, but pay attention – and ski! The pilot was awesome and well experienced.

The food was great and photos of the presentation were taken by many before hoovering!

The rustic lodge, an A-Frame, is well appointed and the bedding is tops. The spa cabin with outdoor hot tub is a stones throw to walk to in your comfy robe.

Big stone fireplace and lots of board games and a pool table add more to the activity options.

Relaxing in the lodge









Why go factory skiing says this Revelstoke regular when you can design your heli experience and company at Silvertip? This season will be the one that puts Silvertip in the game so put a group together soon and take advantage of something that will likely become hard to get!”