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Silvertip Heli-Skiing Bespoke Packages

Silvertip Lodge heli-skiing is the most remote, rustic and exclusive heli-skiing experience in Canada.  Located in the majestic Cariboo Mountains in British Columbia, the Silvertip experience is flexible and able to deliver the custom private heli-skiing experience that you and your group seek.  With a minimum tour length of three days, let us work with you to create a once-in-a-lifetime adventure.

Several weeks are open to individual bookings each year.  Please check our availability to see the weeks that have remaining space.

What To Pack:

  • Carry-on bag with ski boots, helmet, goggles, gloves.¬† Please make sure your ski/snowboard boots are NOT packed in your checked luggage.
  • Suitcase of a maximum of 25-30 pounds ( no large hard-sided suitcases )
  • High quality outerwear ( Gore-Tex or similiar ) for all conditions and temperatures
  • Base layers¬† / Midlayer ( insulation or fleece )
  • Warm headwear / buff face protection
  • Ski socks
  • Casual clothing, slippers or light shoes to wear in the lodge
  • Regular boots (mud/snow)
  • Bathing suit (sauna/spa/hot tub)
  • Sunglasses /Sunscreen/chapstick
  • Basic toiletries and medication.¬† Please pack your medication in your carry on, in case your luggage gets misplaced.
  • No need to bring shampoo, conditioner, soap and lotion as they are supplied in each bathroom


  • Extra goggles
  • Extra gloves/mittens
  • GoPro/Camera
  • If you are bringing a laptop computer, please pack it in your carry-on to bring on the plane.¬† Turbulance can cause luggage to shift in the hold of the aircraft, and possibly damage your computer.

Important information:

  • Please remember to bring your ski boots, outerwear, goggles, gloves & helmet.¬† Do not pack your ski boots in your checked luggage.
  • As we are remotely located and all gear is transported as you are by helicopter, we ask that you each pack lightly and limit your luggage to one (soft sided) bag of 25-30 pounds, not including your ski boots.
  • If you are flying to Vancouver, please carry your boots on as carry-on baggage.¬† If your bag does not make it due to the commercial airlines fault, we can outfit you with clothing, but without your boots, skiing won‚Äôt be very fun.
  • Wi-Fi is available throughout the main lodge.¬† This is a Satellite system and is great for keeping in touch via email while at the lodge.¬† It is not designed for streaming videos, downloading large data files, or video conferencing.¬† It is free for your use, but please don‚Äôt expect the same speeds as you get at home.¬† Remember to pack your laptop in your carry on bag.
  • There is a Satellite phone and VoIP line available for use if required.
  • Any special requests or dietary requirements or allergies should be communicated to us well in advance of your trip by filling out our Guest Information Form.¬† Once you are at the Lodge, logistics to fill any of these needs is next to impossible.¬† Please give us as much info as needed, well in advance.

What to Expect:

To start the day, guests have the option of a stretch class, followed by a delicious breakfast.

Then it’s time to head to the helicopter for a day of heli-skiing that you’ll never forget. ¬†A break for lunch on the hill perhaps, or maybe you’ll want to return to the lodge for a hot meal before hitting the slopes again in the afternoon. ¬†The choice is up to you!

Following your epic day, you can relax in the lodge and enjoy delicious apr√®s-ski drinks and hors-d’oeuvres. ¬†You may then want¬†to visit the spa for a massage and soak in the hot tub.

Finally, the end of your day includes a gourmet meal and after-dinner drinks at the bar. ¬†Again, it’s up to you!

Travelling To Silvertip Lodge:

Guests fly from the Air Elite terminal building (next to the South Terminal) to Williams Lake Airport (YWL) in the morning of their departure date.  From Williams Lake Airport, a helicopter transports clients for a 45-minute flight to Silvertip Lodge.  The Silvertip staff will be waiting for your arrival in Williams Lake to handle any final details of your trip, ensuring that you start your holiday as soon as you arrive at the lodge!  From Vancouver International Airport (YVR) the estimated total travel time is approximately 2.5 hours to Silvertip Lodge.

Required Waiver:

Please take the time to review and read this release of liability before your trip to Silvertip Lodge. Discuss its content with your family, as appropriate.  You will be asked to sign a copy of this waiver in Williams Lake, BC. before boarding the helicopter for Silvertip Lodge.

Other Silvertip Winter Activities:

You don’t have to be an expert Heli-skier to love Silvertip Lodge, but we recommend being a strong intermediate skier.¬† However, if you decide to book the lodge as a private group, you can then bring non-skier friends and family to the lodge!

There are marked snowshoe trails a few minutes from the lodge, where guests can snowshoe through a winter wonderland of old-growth cedar trees, or even along the beaches of Quesnel Lake.

Cross-country ski tracks are set along a trail leading to the landing airstrip and along the base of the Blue Lead Peak.  The trails are surrounded by a cedar forest with viewpoints of the lake and mountains, ensuring guests have a memorable experience.

How to book?

Visit our booking page for availability and inquire with us to reserve your trip!

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